Thursday, 28 August 2014

Aftermath of Notting Hill Carnival, Woman Shares Pix Of Swollen Face

Mary Brandon’s who was brutally attacked at the Notting Hill Carnival, shared a selfie of her bruised and bloodied face to show the ugly side of the festival, Metro reports.

Posting the picture on her Facebook page, Mary explained that the attack happened after she asked a man to stop groping her: ‘A man in the crowd grabbed my arse. When I told him not to he did it again. I pushed him away, exercising my right to tell a man to stop touching my body without my permission, so he took a swing at me and punched me in the face.’

Mary then spent the next nine hours in A&E being treated for her injuries.

But despite this sickening attack, she has vowed to remain defiant: ‘Maybe it’d be safer to just ignore it when someone invades your space and body. But I can honestly say I will always stand up to someone who thinks they can get away with this behaviour and I’d take a punch again from this looser or any other looser [sic] who thinks it’s OK to treat women like this.’

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