Monday, 25 August 2014

Meet The Man Who Wrestles With Snakes

A conservationist, Ruben Ramirez, 41, takes on the huge Burmese Pythons in a ‘personal mission’ to reverse the damage they have done to the ecosystem near his home in the Florida Everglades since colonising the area in 2000, Metro reports.

Mr Ramirez said: ‘As a child growing up I would go to the Everglades with my father and see all kinds of mammals.

He said: ‘I like the wrestling and the fighting and analysing the snake.’

He claims to have been bitten ‘hundreds, if not thousands of times’ by the non-poisonous pythons, however his close calls have not deterred him from his work.

‘Now it’s more like a desert, you don’t see much of anything.’

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