Saturday, 9 August 2014

ZIMFEBI 2014 music festival

The Zimbabwe Festival Bira presents the ZIMFEBI MUSIC FESTIVAL, back again and for the 2014 edition it is set to be incredible; jam packed with renowned acts from Zimbabwe, Sweden, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda.

The festival which has 11 outstanding acts lined up at a cover charge of only $10 will be taking place at the Book Café on Saturday 9 August from 6pm. The festival has been made possible by ManLuckerz Makandire L. C. Chikutu - founder of Zim-Traditional Unity (ZIMTU).

ZIM-TU was formed 2001 with the aim of creating spaces where social, economic and cultural issues can be addressed through music and storytelling; the grand idea is to break the detrimental culture of silence. This Uppsala-based African band brings together multi-talented musicians from Southern Africa who recently released a new album Gutu - My Roots!

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