Sunday, 14 September 2014

Woman Rapes Man While He’s Asleep


A 26-year old woman, Chantae Gilman, has allegedly raped a man while he was sleeping, Metro Uk reported.

Chantae, from Seattle, was accused of climbing on top of the unidentified 31-year-old male after entering his home uninvited on June 17th.

The alleged victim reportedly woke up at 2am to discover Gilman, who is 5’7” and 17 stone, having sex with him with his hands ‘pinned down over his head’.

The man went to police after ‘managing to work his way out from underneath her’ and then throwing her out of his home.

Detective Roger Ishimitsu wrote in his report that the alleged victim had been sleeping ‘very hard due to a long day’.

Gilman received a second-degree rape charge after her DNA was found on the alleged victim when a sexual assault examination was carried out.

She had denied carrying out the rape and told officers she suffered from bipolar disorder and psychosis.


  1. Hahahha, the thing don catch the woman gan oo and see as she fine. Make she come meet me now LOL

  2. OMG! This is funny and she's indeed beautiful. What is her problem? Is she single?

  3. When will naija girls start doing this too??? I'm available.

  4. Konji don catch the lady gan oo. Toto dey scratch am well well. Why she no go get vibrator? That would have saved her from this mess

    1. You idiot! Is vibrator the same thing as a dick? The difference is clear

  5. Wonders shall never end. What is this world turning into?

  6. Her toto don enter extra time before she fit do that kind thing loolllolllll


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