Thursday, 16 October 2014

5 Kinds Of Friends You Should Drop As You Approach 2015

As a child, I felt so proud and comfortable rolling with an army of buddies for no specific reason, but that of friendship. I had so many friends, at a time it began to reflect on me negatively. There was no time for my domestic and academic responsibilities. Nothing tangible to offer each other than frequent hang outs. I didn’t really attach much attention to this as I thought it was an ideal lifestyle.

But as I advanced in life, my interest in some of these guys began to diminish with me becoming selective in my choice of friends. I disengaged from some and equally attached to some for reasons best known to me. I started making friends based on honesty, loyalty, reliability and most importantly, academic standards. Due to the benefits I got from this judicious selection of friends, who have in no small measure impacted positively on my life, I have decided to compile a list of friends I think you should do away from.
1."The ageing infant”: I eventually came to the conclusion that some people never grow up, they only grow old. This kind of friend gets upset easily over trivial issues, due to his/her inability to handle emotional situations (emotional immaturity), and you as a friend have to suffer for this. They waste no time in making rude expression of how they feel, not minding their choice of words or reaction of the other party. However, I believe there comes a stage when you should be accountable for your personal emotions. Childish reaction to emotional situations is a genuine reason to cut such friend off.

2. The energy consumer: If you are observant enough, you notice after spending time with some friends, you become mentally exhausted. They make your mind an emotional dump where they selfishly visit periodically to pour out matters bothering them and relief their self of mental stress. They however show no or less concern for your own burdens. Their often lengthy conversations always evolve around their own issues, leaving you with no vigor to figure out yours.

3. The ghost: These group of people do not believe in reciprocity. He/she believes you will always be there to help whenever they are entangled in any kind of challenge. The moment they go through any break down, be it financial, relationship or academic, they remember you still exist, and your digits are the next to be dialed and the moment they are done benefiting from your generosity, your rank on their priority list drops to zero. I believe no matter how busy your life may be, it’s an attitude of ingratitude to vanish and then re-appear when in need.

4. The spirit killer: I consider these class of friends the most dangerous to keep. No matter your endeavors or attempts to offer something tangible to the society or yourself as an individual, the moment they are aware, they find all means to quench your spirit of agility and hunger for development. They see no future in whatever project or business you are set to begin and these people are however always right in their own opinion.

 5. The secret hater (the jealous type): well, out of ignorance, we consider them friends and unfortunately in most cases we make them our closest pals. As the name suggests, they actually mean no good for you. Deep down their minds, this attribute is commonly found in girls (no apologies). Always the first to commend your good efforts with diversely unwarranted exclamations. They want to roll with you due to various reasons but honestly desire no good intentions for you, as they get jealous at any of your successful endeavors. They go behind you to assassinate your character. Beware of people who appear to be too friendly, especially those you just met over a short period of time and those who linger when things are going well for you.

However, as you attempt to detach yourself from these group of friends, you should apply some maturity and be strategic, so no one gets hurt. But first and foremost, be sure you as an individual do not fall in any of these groups.


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