Monday, 27 October 2014

Live now, Die later!....By Adewuyi Kunle Akeem

Life is a coin, you can only spend it once! (YOLO). We all have series of activities we engage in daily, just to meet up with our individual needs.  There are things we strive to achieve in life which explains why we go through a number of those schedules. Well, except you are a nerd or "dulling boy" as a friend of mine would say, it’s advisable you make time out of your busy schedule to unwind and burn off the stress. As they say all "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy".
However, you shouldn't totally neglect duties that put food on your table in pursuit of a colourful social status, though your attitude towards being sociable depends on your personality. You don’t have to go as far as been phony (fake) or dramatic to prove you enjoy a good life.
Here are some tips you can adopt to enjoy a colourful social life;
1. Do more of what interests you: we have different things we engage in once in a while to cool off. Most people believe their day is not fulfilled until they do these things, some find fun in drinking, lounging, dancing or simply hanging out. Whichever catches your fancy, do it moderately as too much of anything maybe detrimental to the health, academics or career.
2. Be the host: Well, depending on the size of your income or type of environment you reside, cultivate the habit of inviting a number of friends over to your place, not for any serious meeting but just to share a couple of drinks. Have a lively discussion on diverse topics of interest like music, football or recent social events. However this type of meeting is not the best avenue to discuss academic or official issues.
3. Be dynamic & unpredictable: Following the same routine day after day makes life boring as hell. Endeavour to cultivate the habit of using different means to arrive at your usual result or destination. There should be dynamism in your response towards some situations; like the way you speak or the routes you ply daily to work or school. You never know who is watching. Give nobody the chance to predict your next line of action.
4. Overlook their flaws: Some people can't help upsetting you, that explains why we find it hard to forgive on many occasions but unfortunately harbouring hatred in your mind goes a long way to determine your mood. You don’t seem to do anything right because you keep pondering over past issues. Always make the hard decision of forgiving them. If truly life's short as many say, then keeping malice with people who in most cases don’t care about how you feel is totally unwarranted.
5. Ignore what you heard: it’s very childish to get a piece of info about you and just conclude it’s genuine, then act up instantly. However what you hear about yourself or loved ones go a long way to determine the excitement in your social life, sometimes we hear things that elevate our spirit while most times, it is otherwise. Nevertheless, it is not mature enough to act up on any piece of info without adequate confirmation, because you might regret the aftermath. Patience pays.
6. Be yourself: Finally, cultivate the habit of being yourself. It is not mandatory you look or live exactly like the guy/girl next door. If you are socially oriented enough, you might as well become a source of inspiration in your neighbourhood. No point living in pretence just in an attempt to oppress or impress your peers as the case may be. Inferiority complex is the first step to falling victim of peer pressure; you just discover you begin to embrace other's philosophy simply because you think they are better off.
Regardless of your age, religion or status, you deserve a taste of the luxuries life has in stock. Make out some special moments from your busy schedule to enjoy the company of your loved ones and add vibrancy to your gloomy social life. Look different and be creative in your thoughts. You may not have to live in mansions or drive exotic cars to live big as majority can’t afford these, so cut your coat according to your cloth.


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