Thursday, 23 October 2014

Boy Stoned To Death For Alleged Rape

Al-Shabaab terrorist group

An 18-year-old boy, buried up to his neck, was killed publicly by stoning for allegedly raping a woman. The stoning was conducted by the militant group Al-Shabaab in southern Somalia

In return, the militants gave the victim a young female cow as a dowry. The punishment was witnessed by 100 people, but no one had the courage to help the boy because of fear.
The Al-Shabaab said the boy had sexually abused the woman at gun point; hence death by stoning is only appropriate. "Dozens of masked fighters" were throwing stones at the boy until he died, a local said.

The death of the boy "shows that we have power to sentence anyone who breaks Islamic law," Sheikh Mohammed Abu Abdalla, the self-proclaimed governor of the group, told Reuters.

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