Sunday, 16 November 2014

Polly-Wood by Adewuyi Kunle Akeem


Well, in my own opinion, Nollywood is the best worldwide LOL. Not the best actually, but definitely one of the best in the world. You and I can’t deny the fact that we have enjoyed the diverse entertaining and morally packaged movies it has offered over the years.

Obviously, our dear Nollywood is endowed with a large number of talents, who have worked tirelessly to advance their efforts over the years. And definitely majority of them are still very relevant in the industry e.g.  Olu Jacobs, Pete Edochie, Segun Arinze etc. 

Same applies to the music industry, where we’ve enjoyed the mesmeric displays of the likes of Shina Peters, Charley boy, Ebenezer Obey among others. However some of these stars went through thick and thin just to make sure their services are socially embraced but no one cares what you’ve been through or what you are going through, until you get through.  
It is however devastating and alarming, the rate at which our entertainers are derailing from their renowned carriers all in a bid to step up their games (in their own opinion). Could it be that these new generation of entertainers didn’t go through much travails and hard-work compared to the aforementioned? I however don’t mean they didn’t pay the necessary dues to get where they are today, it’s just ridiculous the rate at which these people are neglecting their primary occupation (which has placed food on their tables over the years) in a race to entangle their selves in political matters. Isn’t it funny to know singers and Nollywood stars like 9ice, Kenny saint brown (KSB) Julius Agwu, Kate Henshaw, Desmond Elliot among many others are set to dabble into politics? The other day I watched Desmond Elliot declare his political intentions in Lagos. I laughed uncontrollably when I saw the extent he went, just to convince Nigerians of his tribe. The poor man went as far as fabricating a Yoruba name for himself.

Does these people actually think we are care-free towards the future of politics in Nigeria? Wouldn’t have bought your CDs if I knew you had this political ambition? So u wan carry money wey I take help ur career go invest for politics abi’? You want to enjoy the social lifestyle of foreign influential celebrities, yet you can’t afford to emulate their tradition of staying loyal to the game that fed them right from the onset. I can’t imagine watching the likes of P-Diddy, Jay-Z or Dr. Drey declare political intentions? Yet most of our stars don’t even match their standards in many aspects.

Funny enough, majority of these our entertainers don’t even enjoy a stable marriage or a happy home. Single parents abound everywhere in the industry. The question now is how can you rule over a society when you can’t successfully run the affairs of your own family- the smallest unit of the society? A good attempt to further destabilize an already destabilized nation right? You can’t perfectly serve two gods without hurting yourself. 

If you guys really intend giving back to the community as you claim in your interviews, there are better ways to do that without going into politics. You can emulate 2face Idibia or Kanu Nwankwo and the likes but sorry to say, your political ambitions, just like those before you, are self-motivated, greedy and greed breeds corruption. This article is however not published to discourage the reader from making his decision during the forthcoming general elections!

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